On-Going Projects

  1. PHALS Pre-primary School – Own fund
  2. PHALS Tayama Integrated School – Own fund
  3. PHALS- FPAB Clinic – Partnership with FPAB
  4. PHALS-BANI Academy Centre Project – Partnership with Bani Street, France
  5. ToGETHER(Towards Greater Effectiveness and Timeliness in Humanitarian Emergency Response) Project – Partnership with Malteser International
  6. Stay at Home, Safe at Home, Learn at Home project – Partnership with Street Child, UK
  7. Emergency Flood Response for Rohingya and Host Community project in Cox’s Bazar – Partnership with Malteser International

Completed Projects

  1.  Humanitarian Assistance for Rohingya and Host Community – Partnership with Australian Aid
  2. Basic Literacy Project (64 District) – Partnership with Bureau of Non-Formal Education, Bangladesh
  3. SDC-BRAC-PHALS Social Cohesion Fund – Partnership with BRAC
  4. Vulnerable Group   Development  (VGD)  Program   –  Funded   by   Directorate   of Women Affairs, Bangladesh
  5. Safe Migration Program – BRAC.
  6. Child Access to right through development (CARD) Project. – Funded by Save the Children, Australia.
  7. Campaign for prevention of women and child trafficking.  –  Funded  by  ASTEC Bangladesh Chapter
  8. Local Health Delivery Project (LHDP) – Concern Universal Bangladesh.
  9. South Asian Counter-Trafficking Capacity  Building  &  Strengthening the women and child security. – Funded by The Day Walker Foundation Bangladesh.
  10. Water and Sanitation Program. – Funded by NGO Forum Chittagong and Rotary Club of Hiroshima, Japan.
  11. Combating Trafficking And Violence Against Women + 24 Hour Hotline Service. –Funded by Khan Foundation, Dhaka.
  12. Life Skills Development for Youth on HIV/AIDS. – Funded by YPSA.
  13. Vocational Training Program for Vulnerable Women– Own fund.
  14. Humanitarian Assistance for Host Communities. – Funded by Australian Aid.
  15. Non-Formal Education for the Children of FDMN – Partnership with Mukti, Cox’s Bazar.
  16. Emergency Health Service to Rohingya Refugee – Funded by Global One, UK
  17. SRH/Reproductive Health  Care  Service  for  Rohingya  Female  –  Funded  by  IPPF, South Asia
  18. Temporary Shelter for Rohingya Refugees. – Local Fund
  19. Food & Non-food item distribution to Rohingya Refugee. – Funded by Global One, UK
  20. Training on  AIG  to  Rohingya  Female  Participants.   –  Technical supported by Mycrops, Malaysia.
  21. Water and Sanitation for Rohingya Refugees. – Funded by PCCR, USA
  22. Sustainable Disaster  Risk  Reduction,  WASH, and  GBV  Protection for  Rohingya Community. – Funded by SEMMINANI FAMILY FOUNDATION
  23. Enhancing the participation of persons with disabilities in  Community, Development at  Rohingya  Refugee camps and its surrounding communities in Bangladesh. – Funded by Handicap International, France.
  24. Basic English Language Training Program – Funded by CHRDF
  25. Non-Formal Education  for  the  Children  of  FDMN  –  Funded  by  Children  on  the Edge
  26. Stay at Home, Safe at Home, Learn at Home – Street Child, UK